Assam Tractor Scheme Under CMSGUY

  • Last Updated on: January 06, 2023
  • Launch Date : Not Available
  • Source : Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojana

The state govt. of Assam has launched the Tractor Distribution Scheme under the Chief Minister Samagra Gramya Unnayan Yojna (CMSGUY) for farmers. The main objective of his scheme is to revive the agricultural sector and help in doubling the farmer’s income by 2022.

“Under the new revised tractor scheme, the government will provide one tractor along with some necessary accessories in each revenue village at subsidized rates. The state govt. will distribute approx 10,109 tractors in the first phase. This tractor distribution scheme will cover all the 26,000 villages of the entire state in a phase-wise manner.”

A group of 8-10 people who are actual adult farmers can apply for a tractor distribution scheme. This scheme will strengthen the agriculture sector if the farmers properly utilize these tractors. Farmers can make use of these tractors in agricultural activities and thus promoting the growth of Assam. The state govt. has allotted Rs 1000 crore for the successful implementation of this scheme.

Assam tractor scheme is for the development of a village such that there is a boost in agricultural production. The group can choose the make and model of the tractor and will provide the tractor to the farmers on a rental basis. The selection of the groups will be done by a District Level Committee (DLC) to be chaired by the Deputy Commissioner (DC) of the District.

Who can Apply for Assam Tractor Scheme (Eligibility):

1) Assam Tractor Scheme benefits can not be availed by individuals.

2) A group of 8-10 members who are the actual adult farmers of the same village.

3) In order to be eligible for the tractor scheme, the group should have a common bank account and will apply jointly with signatures of each member on the application form preferably along with particulars of land and crops cultivated.

4) The applicant group should not have more than one member from one family.

Provision of Subsidy:

70% subsidy (Maximum of Rs. 5.5 Lakhs) will be provided to the selected groups on the procurement price of the tractor unit including implements. 20% of the amount will be provided by the bank as a loan and the rest 10% will have to be paid by the applicant member group.

Monitoring of Tractor Distribution Scheme:

The state govt. will provide these tractors using public money, so farmers need to ensure proper utilization. Subsequently, local people will keep watch on the effective utilization of these tractors.

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